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Environmental Statement | C & G Boats Golden Meadow, Louisiana

Environmental Statement

Our Promise to the Environment

The C&G management team and all of its offshore personnel promise to plan and conduct daily operations with the foresight, prudence and intention of carrying out the duties in an environmentally friendly manner. We accomplish this promise by handling our business in a manner that is well thought, technically sound and economically feasible. In the ever-changing and fast-paced marine transportation industry, C&G endeavors to create a culture which recognizes the responsibility to work safely and protect the environment. C&G pledges to follow all governmental laws and regulations. We always strive to be in compliance with environmental policies, sensitive to local community concerns and to avoid actions which result in negative impacts to the environment. A demonstration of C & G’s commitment is evidenced by our policies to continually review and upgrade our equipment and our operating procedures with an environmentally safe culture in mind.